• After two weeks of Talentoo's attendance at 4 Years From Now, Talentoo considers a success its participation in an event full of innovative ideas and startUps that will give a lot to talk about in the coming years, showing how the evolution of society and the business ecosystem national and internationally.
  • With an eye on next year, Checkealos said goodbye to the 4YFN 5th edition with very positive results by being a platform which has captured much attention because of testing in a remote way the User Experience (UX).
  • Following the big demand at 4YFN, selected customers will get early access to a technology which enhances mobile apps with a desktop interface. ancora, the company after the ancora I/O devkit launched last week at 4YFN, announced today a beta program for developers willing to add a desktop interface to their mobile apps. The program answers the multiple requests of customers during the show.
  • 01/03/2018
    We start the home stretch of the 4YFN 5th edition, a worldwide event dedicated to startups. Thanks to its recognition, many big companies and institutions have come to show what they do and their new ideas. Thus, we are surrounded by an incredible environment of work and enthusiasm, where we can assist to conferences and create ties encouraging the networking. Checkealos participates in this edition with more strength since we are more veteran. Receiving visits from investors and clients with a previous knowledge about Checkealos. Moreover it is providing us the opportunity to know other companies and contact interested inverstors from all over the world who are attracted by our user experience testing platform which is used in a remote way.
  • 01/03/2018
    Spanish Pavilion 4YFN 2018
    Yerba Buena VR (YBVR), the pioneering startup that delivers the best Virtual Reality immersive experiences in sports, will enter the Japanese market after signing an agreement with the internet media company GREE, Inc. Both companies will work together in the most advanced market for VR to deliver crisper, clearer, and more engaging VR video experiences to millions of consumers. The Silicon Valley startup has taken VR quality to the next level. Showcased at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, YBVR presented its 8K VR streaming capabilities with the technology developed by its teams in California and Madrid. “We have worked hard to make people experience live sports events as if they were in the stadium. We believe working with the Japanese market will be quickest path to achieving our dream,” said YBVR’s CEO, Hector Prieto.