Checkealos opening new markets by the hand of 4YFN

With an eye on next year, Checkealos said goodbye to the 4YFN 5th edition with very positive results by being a platform which has captured much attention because of testing in a remote way the User Experience (UX).

Europe, and concretely Spain, are increasingly raising awareness of the importance of counting on a good usability in any digital environment, because when this is achieved it helps to convert the weaknesses of any product into important competitive advantages. In the past, companies were different in quality or price and, however, nowadays that type of differentiation is paralyzed, and only obtaining an optimal user experience it will be able not only gaining customers, but also promoting loyalty among them which in the end is the most critical for every business. And there is where Checkealos joins, because as we have already revealed, its platform allows for testing the user experience in a remote way in any type of digital product. And moreover, Checkealos has its own panel formed by more of 20.000 users from more than 70 countries, which enables to choose and select the type of user that meets perfectly with the profile of the target customer of the business that is going to do the test. In this way, who resorts to this platform will get a 100% representative results of his reality, enabling to improve his ROI, conversions and others KPIs of the business, implementing those improvements offered thanks to the report that the experts in UX of Checkealos will make.

Alberto Morales, CEO de Checkealos, tells us his opinion about the event: “4YFN comes in a very sweet moment for Checkealos, since it has been the frame we needed to increase our market share in United States, bringing us to Spain the knowledge and experience in this such consolidated market which continues leading in the sector. The know perfectly that the User Experience is their differentiating attribute. Little by little we are helping in Spain to change our perspective and to reduce distances with countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France.”

More than 100 trials were launched at its stand over the 3 days that lasted the 4YFN, getting not only final clients, but also partnership and collaboration contracts, besides negotiations with different investors. This has helped Checkealos to become established in the markets where is already present United Kingdom, Spain and Latin America, as well as continuing its expansion towards UUEE, without forgetting the possibilities that new markets such as the Asian are suggesting.

From this edition of the 4YFN, the biggest worldwide startups event, we are pleased to have met not only clients, collaborators and investors, but also friends. One more time we want to express our gratitude to the organization, from the staff to the leaders, because of their good deeds and to all the members of and ICEX for opening us the door, helping us, taking care of us and letting us participate in events of that calibre.