Orchextra: Present at the Mobile World Congress 2017

Orchextra is the ultimate digital marketing platform which facilitates brands’ engagement with its audience through an all-in-one tool. It has been designed to provide a full set of services for the creation, management and delivery of mobility experiences, such us: Geomarketing, Smartpackaging, Image Recognition, Promotions, Push Notifications, Coupons and Loyalty Programs.

Orchextra was created and developed two years ago when the European Commission and the Program Horizon 2020 saw the outstanding potential of the idea of this platform and encouraged Gigigo to carry it out. Two years later, the platform has become a total success and it has helped international brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s or Samsung to improve their digital engagement with their customers and it has become an essential tool for their digital marketing strategies.

In order to generate brand awareness, Gigigo decided participate on the MWC so anyone can come by and see all the features and capabilities of this unique platform.

Where to find Orchextra at the Mobile World Congress

We will be at stand 30 on the Spanish Pavilion, and on Tuesday the 28 th at 10:00am, we will deliver a 30 minutes presentation about what the platform has to offer and all the benefits brands can take advantage of by using it on their digital marketing strategies.

Do not hesitate to come by and book a session with us for a full demo and a session on how Orchextra can help with your business!