vintegrisTECH will participate in MWC 2018 looking for international partners and providing nebulaSUITE to companies interested in legally binding digital signatures on the go

vintegrisTECH —a manufacturer of innovative systems and applications for the issuance and management of digital certificates, digital signatures and robust authentication— will make the most of the Mobile World Congress 2018, to provide the nebulaSUITE solution to companies interested in legally binding digital signatures on the go, and to meet distributors that will allow the company to grow internationally through partnerships.

This Spanish company, which has among its clients leading banks, insurance, health, retail, government and public-sector organizations, is committed to this strategy of growth abroad that was so successful in 2017, with the incorporation of four new international partners. Last summer, Trust Dimension, in Mexico, and Seguridad América, in Chile, joined as partners. This year, vintegrisTECH has closed an agreement with the also Mexican Practical Solutions & Business Consulting, and with the US company Mototech Group.

These two new partners, as well as the previous two, will be in charge of marketing vintegrisTECH’s nebulaSUITE, an innovative all-in-one solution for digital identity, authentication and secure access, which has its own Certification Authority (CA).

vintegrisTECH at the Mobile World Congress 2018

Interested companies will find vintegrisTECH’s team in the Spanish Pavilion, CS30, booth 12, this being the third participation of this company in the MWC 2018, which will be held from February 26 to March 1 in Barcelona. It is expected that 108,000 visitors and 2,300 exhibitors will attend this year.

vintegrisTECH participates through the public entity, as a part of the Digital Agenda, with the aim of presenting its solutions and holding meetings with potential partners interested in its technology. For the sixth consecutive year, provides a space to various Spanish companies linked to the mobile industry, to promote their internationalization, present their products and contact potential investors, or expand their client portfolios.

About nebulaSUITE

Manufactured entirely by vintegrisTECH, nebulaSUITE provides the complete digital identity cycle in a single solution. It allows the use of legally binding digital signatures to comply with EU regulation № 910/2014 of July 23, 2014, on electronic identification (eIDAS); issue and manage digital identities through qualified digital certificates, and gain robust authentication. Convenience is one the many benefits it provides, since it is an on-cloud solution that can be used from any mobile device, something which speeds up business.

About vintegrisTECH

Founded in 2004 by Facundo Rojo, its current CEO, vintegrisTECH manufactures innovative systems and applications for digital certificate issuance and management, digital signatures, and robust authentication. Its clients include leading banks, insurance, health, retail, government, and public- sector organizations.

Its flagship product is nebulaSUITE, a comprehensive solution for guaranteeing digital identity, authentication, and secure access, as well as its own Certification Authority (CA).

Since its creation, vintegrisTECH has not stopped growing. The company is currently immersed in an international expansion process and has more than 80 clients. The company closed 2017 with a turnover exceeding €5M, and has more than 70 employees in its delegations in Madrid and Barcelona.

Besides, in 2016, it was homologated as a Trust Service Provider, to be able to issue digital certificates through its own Certification Authority, vinCAsign. In 2016, the company reached an agreement with the Chinese company Feitian to manufacture chips with vintegrisTECH’s software, which allow identifying objects in their communications. Feitian will also participate with a stand this year (5J26).