GMV spearheading developments in the automobile sector


As one of Spain’s technology firms included in the delegation of the public business entity, GMV will be exhibiting its products and services at the latest Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In the Spanish Pavilion it will be showcasing its breakthroughs in the automotive sector, as well as its other current business lines.

The technology multinational GMV now boasts nearly two decades of work on the development of enabling technologies for the connected and autonomous car. Telematics, positioning and cybersecurity are the three basic pillars underpinning its knowhow and expertise in this field.

GMV develops embedded software for Telematics Control Unit (TCUs); this has enabled many onboard telematic services to be phased into over 3 million vehicles now fitted with this software around the world.

It is also developing multi-platform service applications such as carsharing, car-pooling or mobility as a service (Maas); services for the electric vehicle, like battery-charge monitoring and notification systems, plus other systems such as navigation, infotainment or safety (eCall, bCall and recovery of stolen vehicles), among others.

One of the areas where GMV is really going from strength to strength is the development of advanced positioning technologies for the autonomous vehicle. In autonomous driving it is more than ever necessary to work with technologies and systems that ensure positioning of maximum precision and reliability. Drawing on its proven experience in the space sector, GMV brings solutions based on global navigation satellite systems to the autonomous car.

GMV’s cybersecurity skills are also coming into their own in the connected and autonomous vehicle sector. GMV has been leading the development of security services in information and communication technologies in Spain for over 20 years now. It has by now become a national benchmark supplier of advanced cybersecurity services and solutions in IP networks and ICT applications for the public sector and the development of e-Government. The multinational decided to exploit the synergies between cybersecurity and the automotive sector. Just as the connected vehicle offers many potential advantages, it also opens the door to many vulnerabilities. GMV is therefore working on the development of specific products to ensure proper protection of the autonomous and connected vehicle from malicious attacks, offering the sector the services and solutions it needs and allowing it to become more competitive and win consumer trust. 

The technology group is thus positioning itself as a beacon in terms of telematics, cooperative ITS systems, critical positioning technology and applications for the connected and autonomous vehicle.