Real-time quality of broadband: customer experience unveiled in europe


MedUX has deployed more than 7.000 MedUX HOME devices that monitor the real-time quality of European fixed broadband networks and telecommunications services. Thanks to unique Quality of Experience information, MedUX offers telecom operators Advanced Analytics to assess and improve the Quality of Service of their subscribers. 

MedUX detects a wide variety of events affecting the end user experience and provides Customer Experience scorecards and benchmarking. Following our recent deployment, we are ranking real Quality of Service of European fixed broadband providers. 

MedUX real-time QoE measurements recently detected that an Italian operator's network suffered some interruptions that affected the experience of its users. Performance problems were detected during the morning of the 9th of January, referring to DNS (Domain Name System), system that allows access to the web nodes. 


“There was a degradation of the service for a telecom provider in Italy, especially in some big cities. Fixed network users suffered connection problems for several hours due to DNS problems, and all alarms jumped”, says Luis Molina, MedUX co-founder. “By testing these services and networks from the customer´s perspective, MedUX is able to detect this kind of events and this is just one example.”


In particular, the outage occurred in most of the provider’s network and affected several aspects of its services:

-          A delay was detected in the time taken for some websites to completely load ( and, amongst others).

-          A variation in the streaming performance and an increase in the time to play a YouTube video were both observed.

-          The overall degradation also affected the time it took to load and download a file from Dropbox and other file hosting services.


These events show how unforeseen these network failures can be and how much they can highlight its vulnerabilities. “It is key to have real-time capabilities to measure Users´ Experience and get ahead of any issues that put customers' retention, loyalty and reliability at risk”, Agustín Batiz, MedUX co-founder states. By detecting these events from the end-user perspective, service providers are able to improve their technical and business strategies, take informed decisions and keep their customers happy.    



MedUX is the next generation specialist in customer's digital experience measurement and improvement, providing cutting-edge tools and solutions for telecom operators, governments and private companies. 

Our innovative ecosystem measures, analyse and predicts quality of service of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks based on reliable, end-to-end and real-time data. MedUX covers a comprehensive and unparalleled set of QoS and QoE metrics, enabling our customers to outstand from their competitors. Based on our solutions and information, telecom operators are reducing costs and enhancing their value proposition by anticipating network performance problems and avoiding complaints to keep their clients happy and satisfied.


Our company is present in more than 10 countries with a strong presence in Latin America and Europe. Nowadays, MedUX has been deployed for companies such as Telefónica, AT&T, Claro Colombia (Grupo América Móvil), Vodafone, Orange and the Colombian Regulation Commission, among other clients. 

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